Want to Say 'Thanks' After the Storm?

Who deserves your thanks? The road crews, the stranger who plowed the end of your driveway, your neighbor, or anyone else who helped you out during this historic snow storm?


It's been a snow storm of epic proportions that many of us in this part of Massachusetts will remember for a lifetime.

The good Samaritan stories are also making their way around the kitchen tables: a woman who picked up extra groceries for her elderly neighbor; the lone snow plow operator who stopped to help someone out of a snow ditch; the family who took in a co-worker who lost power.

Patch is a great forum to use for community conversations. This time, let's all say a big "thanks" to any person or group who helped us out during this storm. It's easier than sending a thank you note!

The stories are out there. Add your story and "thank you" to the comments following this article.

John Hutchinson February 14, 2013 at 04:36 PM
Big thanks to the DPW employee who came over to Hilltop Terrace/Hilltop Parkway on Sunday afternoon with a Bobcat front loader to dig out the snow barrier that the plows had made in front of 3 conjoining driveways on the corner. It's always a problem there as to where to put the snow. This guy did a great job. Overall, Woburn was on top of everything this time around. Great job.
Scott Boag February 15, 2013 at 02:07 AM
Big thanks to all the residents and businesses who haven't bothered to clear sidewalks. It's so much fun risking my life walking in the street. And, also, big thanks to all the drivers who can't be bothered to slow down a tad for safety's sake.
Earnhardt February 15, 2013 at 02:40 AM
Have to say that as I drove around today, DPW crews were out in force opening sidewalks and widening streets, Winn st is looking good, Horn Pond along Arlington st looks good.The Wyman school area down to the cinemas is looking good also. Keep it up! Storms like this don't come along often, Learn from this one and apply it to the next.


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