Woburn Mail Carriers To Collect Food Nov. 3

Non-perishable items can be left by your mailbox on Saturday, Nov. 3.


To the Editor:

Since the recession began, Council of Social Concern’s Food Pantry has seen a dramatic increase in the number of households we are serving, and the situation shows no signs of improving.  As a result, we are going through food at an alarming rate, and keeping our shelves stocked for our “neighbors in need” is a real challenge.

Once again, the Letter Carriers of the Woburn Post Office are coming to the rescue.  Although they have suffered their own cutbacks and are facing an uncertain future, these dedicated men and women are still conducting their annual Henry Shaughnessy Memorial Holiday Food Drive to benefit our Food Pantry.  Henry wore the uniform of a U. S. Postal worker for 50 years and was an inspiration to his fellow Letter Carriers in the way he performed his job with pride, commitment and compassion for the residents on his route. 

I cannot overemphasize the importance of the Postal Food Drives to our community – the National one held in the spring and this additional one that Woburn conducts in the fall.  These food drives make it possible for us to keep our shelves stocked for the local children, elderly, disabled, physically and mentally impaired, unemployed, underemployed and despairing that rely on us being here to help.    

Of course, the success of the Henry Shaughnessy Memorial Holiday Food Drive depends on all of us leaving food out for our Letter Carriers to collect.  I’m imploring you to be as generous as you can be on Saturday, November 3.  More and more, we need to rely on each other to get through hard times, and together we can make a difference! 

Please remember to put out your non-perishable food donations (within date and preferably not in glass jars) on Saturday, November 3, before your mail is delivered.  Your Letter Carrier will collect it for our Food Pantry.  If you would like to make a monetary donation, please make your check payable to “Council of Social Concern Food Pantry” and leave it clearly marked for your Letter Carrier.

Thank you!

Karen Colatrella, Food Pantry Director

Council of Social Concern

2 Merrimac Street

Woburn, MA  01801

Editor's note: Letters to the Editor are printed upon receipt; content is unedited and is the letter writer's opinion.


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