Woburn Ranked One of Best Cities to Live in Massachusetts

What do you think?

Woburn Center. Photo credit: Les Masterson.
Woburn Center. Photo credit: Les Masterson.

A new study found that Woburn is one of the best cities to live in Massachusetts.

Credit Donkey, a company that provides credit report information to consumers, focused on five key factors:

  • Odds of being a victim of a violent crime
  • Commute time
  • Income
  • Residents who attended some college
  • Restaurants per capita


Woburn ranked third on the list for best cities to live in Massachusetts, according to Credit Donkey.

Here’s why Woburn received high marks:

“Woburn ranks third on our list partly because it’s one of the safest places to live in Massachusetts, with a crime rate of 405 crimes per 100,000 residents. Wages here are also slightly higher, with incomes averaging just over $72,000. Woburn ties with Waltham for the shortest commute time, clocking in at just 24.2 minutes.”

Beverly ranked number one on the study.

Read the full list and reasons why the cities were chosen on Credit Donkey.

What do you think of the results? Do you agree that Woburn is one of the best cities to live? 


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