How to Find the Cheapest Car Insurance in Woburn

Be nosy without leaving your computer and check out car insurance prices for our area.


Car insurance ads are all over the television. You know—State Farm and their catchy jingle, Flo and her Progressive friends, and the Geico gecko and his nifty accent.

But how much are you and your neighbors paying in car insurance costs?

According to CarInsurance.com, Woburn residents pay between $777 and $1,217 in insurance premiums. The average car insurance premium in Massachusetts is $1,071.

With that range, CarInsurance.com says that we're in the middle of bunch in Massachusetts—the cheapest neighborhood (Mount Washington) is at $577 to $869 and the most expensive (Chelsea) is at $1,239 to $2,017.

Interested in finding out about more neighborhoods? Check out the “Nosy Neighbor” tool at CarInsurance.com.

Jake Ostler March 11, 2013 at 08:35 PM
Thanks for the tips, I ended up talking to some of my neighbors like you suggested and got a great deal on car insurance at http://www.cibl.ca/html/products/, appreciate it.


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