Dangerous Man Released

Response and opinion regarding the release of a Woburn man Thomas L. Bergeron who is accused of sex crimes against a minor.


In response to that has spawned many responses and opinions regarding the release of , I offer the following thoughts.

I have three daughters and live less than 100 yards from this man's home and I am trying to respond and act without emotion or any extreme prejudice.

Regardless of what we feel and believe, this man has apparently been living in my neighborhood for about 18 years, and to my knowledge he has not had any trouble with the law. So, perhaps the parole board actually did know what they were doing when he was released, even if we disagree with letting a murderer out of prison.

Now according to this article he is accused of horrible sex crimes against a minor but he has yet to be convicted, and like it or not, we do live in a country where you are innocent until proven guilty. And if he is found guilty nothing would make me happier than seeing him serve the rest of his life in prison and hopefully facing the same type agony he caused. However, what if he is innocent of this crime?

My biggest problem here is with Judge Tuttman. With his past conviction, even though (to my limited knowledge) his past crimes were not of a sexual assault nature, how this judge can overturn or revoke his being held without bail and letting him go even under "conditions" is beyond comprehension. To err on the side of caution would have been better judgment by Judge Tuttman. The way I see it, someone needs to review Judge Tuttman's decisions and see what her record is of overturning decisions, and if there have been consequences to her actions that needs to lead to her being removed from the bench.

So, as it stands now, we as a community can and should be outraged by the judge's decision to release this man, but also as a community, we need to let our local law enforcement do their jobs to serve and protect us, and as much as I may be disgusted by the charges brought against him and would prefer he not be my neighbor, he has not been convicted yet and therefore he needs be left alone. Obviously because of this article our neighborhood will have a watchful eye out, but that's as far as we can and should take things, other than asking for someone to check Judge Tuttman's record as I mentioned above.

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Sandy M. August 25, 2012 at 04:38 PM
I recently inherited my parents' home and moved back to Woburn, and now I, too, live in the neighborhood, actually next door to this man, and his wife and her sister. I have known his wife and both her parents since I was a teenager when my parents first bought the home I now live in, although he wasn't part of the family at that time and his intial crime hadn't even happened yet. I don't know much about Tom but I know that his wife's family is a caring one. He has lived there helping his wife take care of her elderly mother who passed at a very old age not quite two years ago. The allegations against this man confuses me as it is not the person I have come to know, either. You'd be correct by telling me that I haven't known him long enough, but people can have pasts they'll never reveal and one day, decades later, all that changes. I agree with the above neighbor that a person is innocent until proven guilty. I, too, wonder about this judge's ability. But, working in the legal field myself, I also know it's extremely difficult to have a judge removed from the bench. While I think her decision to release him is rather unnerving, she did place restrictions on him and the GPS device usually does it's job. It's possible the GPS device was implimented to remove doubts the judge may have had that he'd flee. I must say it's been very quiet at that house in recent days. I guess we'll have to see what the Oct. hearing brings, as the Sept. hearing is only for indigency.
dan August 26, 2012 at 09:37 AM


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