Transparency on Beacon Hill... too much is never enough

Headlines of corruption, bribes, & downright illegal conduct by elected officials litter our local news; it is time to adopt meaningful reforms bringing transparency and accountability to Beacon Hill.

With continued scandals, federal investigations, indictments, and convictions it is time to shed the light of public scrutiny on the MA State Senate and House. As a doctor I’m bound to my patients to above all, do no harm. The Board of Chiropractic makes sure my practice is transparent and accountable. That is why I believe an ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY BILL is fundamental for our government. Much of the State’s legislation is done in Conferences Committees and private meetings behind closed doors. I believe public service means legislators should be held accountable and their votes should be made public.

Our State has one of the highest Property Tax levels in the Nation, and Middlesex County has one of the highest median property tax rates in the Country. Americans will work 107 days to pay federal, state, and local tax bill. It will take you and I, 116 days! We live in a state that has the 3rd highest Individual Income Tax Collections Per Capita in the Nation. This year the Boston Business Journal reported our State was voted 3rd Worse state to do business. Chiefexecutive.net said Massachusetts is in a league of their own for anti-business regulatory environment. These are some of the reasons why I would vote YES on the bill PUT COMMITTEE ROLL CALLS ON WEBSITE (S 6), which my opponent voted against. I believe the individuals responsible for the economic decline of my State should have their vote made public.

I believe if our elected representatives are going to vote to increase our income tax (amendment to HB 4101) from 5.3% to 5.9% and increase the sales tax, like Senator Donnelly did his first year in office, then it should be a permanent public record. I would vote YES for a bill that would REQUIRE ROLL CALL VOTE TO APPROVE TAX HIKES (H 2011) unlike my opponent who was absent for a vote on such a bill.

As part of a more transparent and accountable government I would vote YES on a bill that would allow 24 HOURS TO READ LEGISLATION (H 2011), and I would go one step further and include an amendment that would add 5 extra days for independent researchers to publish the effects of the legislation on taxpayers and businesses. My opponent Senator Donnelly was not available for this vote either. It's time to demand accountability from our elected officials, and I will work hard to bring transparency and responsibility to Beacon Hill the State Senate if elected.

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