Freeze Watch in Effect for Tonight

Bring in your plants as the cold temperatures could kill sensitive vegetation.


Time to bring in the plants to protect them from the cooler temperatures.

The National Weather Service is expecting some frosty weather tonight and into Saturday morning for the Woburn area.

According to a statement from the NWS on Thursday, "below freezing temperatures could kill sensitive vegetation."

This freeze could be the end of the growing season, the statement added.

The frost advisory is set late Friday night into Saturday morning. Temperatures are expected to be around 30 degrees.

Frost advisories are set during the "growing season," said the NWS in a statement. "Those with agricultural interests are advised to harvest or protect tender vegetation."

Earnhardt October 12, 2012 at 12:50 PM
A good night to fire up the Pellet Stove! :)


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