Five Things You Need To Know Today, Aug. 3

New Woburn funnel cloud video surfaces on YouTube.

Here are five things you need to know today:


1) The thunder rolls

It's going to be another hot one today, as we move into the weekend. According to the National Weather Service, we'll see some thunder and rain this afternoon, probably after 3 p.m. Expect temperatures in the low-90s. We'll have more sun and high temps on Saturday and Sunday, but there will probably be rain and thunder both days. The NWS says Sunday's rain could get heavy after 1 p.m.


2) The funnel cloud returns

Remember all that we had last month? Well, in case you don't, you can check out this video from YouTube attached to this article. YouTube User Walthamvb posted this video of the . 


3) Event spotlight

Join on Arlington Road tonight at 7 p.m. for a free cooking class. Instructors Marlene and Hannah will be mixing up buckwheat pasta with pickled greens and pesto. Just RSVP on this page if you think you'll be attending.


4) In case you missed it

Former principal Christopher Heath has accepted a new job on the North Shore in Hamilton-Wenham. So what does that mean for Woburn?


5) Weddings would never be the same

On this day in 1996, "Macarena" became the number one single in the United States. And it crawled into all our heads and has stayed there for all eternity. Thanks in part to the fact that nearly every DJ brings it out at weddings, parties and dances. The song was originally performed by Los Del Rio entirely in Spanish. A version remixed with a female voice singing in English went to number one and stayed on the Billboard chart for a record-setting 60 weeks. We're not sure who is to blame for the dance that goes with it (was it the music video?), but we all seem to know it!


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