Five Things You Need To Know Today, Feb. 15

City Council to hold a public hearing on a Sylvanus Wood Lane building tonight and decide if it is a public "nuisance."

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Today is Tuesday, Feb. 15. Here are five things you need to know:

  1. Total opposites: Well, even though the National Weather Service was wrong for yesterday, we’ll give ‘em another shot today. The NWS is predicting sunny skies, but a complete turnaround in temperature for Tuesday. While Monday was in the 50s, today is only expected to reach the mid-20s. 
  2. Public nuisance?: The will meet tonight at to discuss several issues, including whether a building at 33 Sylvanus Wood Lane is a “nuisance to the neighborhood” or “dilapidated.” The discussion was brought forward by Alderman Ray Drapeau and is expected to be the third public hearing on the agenda tonight. 
  3. Rock-climbing meet-up: A meet-up for rock climbing enthusiasts will be held tonight at 7 p.m. People joining the group can meet near the televisions to trade introductions and team up.
  4. In case you missed it: The was very busy over the weekend. So busy, in fact, we had to split the police log into two different posts. Take a look at the , which included a 21-year-old woman assaulting a police officer, and two men allegedly flushing cocaine down a hotel toilet, ; and the , which had several incidents, including a birthday party that ended with a chaperone being taken to Winchester Hospital for intoxication, .
  5. O Canada: With a nod to my extended family in Nova Scotia, we tip our hats to Canada today as the country celebrates National Flag of Canada Day. On this day in 1965, our friendly neighbors to the north, adopted the new Canadian flag that we all recognize today. The red 11-pointed maple leaf signifies the environment and nature found in Canada.

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