Five Things You Need To Know Today, March 30

Tanner Ta Tas Pink Bash is tonight!


Here are five things you need to know today:


1) Chance of snow?!: Again, we’re shocked by the National Weather Service’s forecast for today. Sunshine and temperatures in the high-40s. But, after dark, there’s a 30 percent chance of snow overnight and into Saturday. What happened to 80s degrees, Mother Nature?


2) Live music: There’s lots of places to find live music in Woburn tonight. , and are just a few. If you’re interested in dining out and want to check out some local talent, head on over!


3) Event spotlight: The are holding the sixth annual tonight at the . The fun begins at 7 p.m. Tickets are $20 each, and there will be raffles and silent auction options as well! The Ta Tas provide direct support to women dealing with breast cancer in the city of Woburn.


4) In case you missed it: Our Photo of the Day feature is one of our favorite parts of the day. We get to see personal photos from our readers, and so many times, we think: “This is the cutest picture ever.” And then we get another one that makes us think that it is the cutest picture ever! Well, yesterday’s was one of those! You will love him instantly!


5) Purchase the frozen north: On this day in 1867, the United States purchased the the area of the state of Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million in the "Alaska Purchase." The state was admitted into the Union on Jan. 3, 1959. Looks like the purchase was a good deal. Alaska is the largest state in the union and in 2007 the gross state product totalled $44.9 billion. Plus, there are a lot of caribou there, and who doesn't love those?


To find out what is going on today in Woburn, check out our events listings


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