Five Things You Need To Know Today, May 9

More rain today.

Here are five things you need to know today:


1) More rain: Oh, so much rain! The National Weather Service is forecasting more rain showers today after an incredibly rainy Tuesday. But expect temperatures to rise a bit, as we may hit 67 today.


2) Teacher appreciation: The spa is showing its appreciation for teachers in a special way today at The spa is offering to all elementary school teachers today during their lunch break. Sounds nice to us!  


3) Playtime: The will meet today at the from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Cost is $2 and children must be accompanied by an adult.  


4) In Case You Missed It: We can't always be everywhere in the city. But with the help of our readers, we get to publish information from almost everything! Thanks to Shannon Sevier and Gerry Kehoe for sharing photos from the Conservation Day event at Horn Pond. Click here if you missed them!


5) To the moon, Alice: On this day in 1971, the last original episode of The Honeymooners sitcom aired on television. Although the Honeymooners characters were created in the 1950s by Jackie Gleason, the series itself was taped and aired later. The shows that were broadcast as The Honeymooners aired in one season in 1971. The show remains a popular sitcom in syndication. We were always partial to Ed Norton, what a great character!


To find out what is going on today in Woburn, check out our events listings.


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