Give Central Grill a Try

One of Woburn's newest restaurants, Central Grill offers a large line-up of tasty entrees and other items.

Overview: We know that Woburn has many, many restaurants that serve Brazilian cuisine. But Central Grill, a new restaurant on Main Street where La Stanza used to be, is different from the rest. Their menu is mostly Brazilian, but they also offer American, Latin American and Italian dishes. Central Grill features a nice dining area and big portions at very reasonable prices. Don’t overlook this new restaurant! Stop in and give it a try.

Decor: Central Grill is across the street from . Inside you’ll find hardwood floors, exposed brick, wood paneling and dark wood furniture. The space is really open and has lots of natural light during the day. There is a fantastic white light fixture in the middle of the ceiling. You may be hypnotized by it as you wait for your meal.

Beverages: Central Grill has an interesting selection of beverages. Along with the usual Coke and Sprite, you can order Fanta in Orange or Grape. They also serve Red Bull for you caffeine addicts out there. On the menu is an interesting selection of juices including Coconut Water, Guarana Juice (juice from the fruit of the cashew plant) and other tropical juices. It’s BYOB so feel free to bring some wine or beer to compliment your meal. If you want tap water, be clear otherwise you will get bottled.

Appetizers: This part of the menu is very unique to say the least. Who else will have Chicken Hearts, Shrimp with Garlic & Oil, a Mixed Meat plate, Cheese fries with bacon and Sausage with Yucca? Only Central Grill! Just make sure to leave your diet at the door.

Entrees: For lunch, Central Grill has a wide selection of sandwiches, burgers and salads. The dinner menu includes fish, chicken, lamb, pork and beef dishes as well as pasta plates. We highly recommend the Central Grill Steak which consists of a big steak, topped with two fried eggs and served over a mixed salad and fries. It also comes with rice and stuffing. For $10, that’s a lot of food! It’s almost guaranteed you’ll take home leftovers.

Sides: We highly recommend ordering a side of their tasty fries, stuffing (beans, bacon, sausage, egg, collard greens and bread crumbs) and their rice. You can also get plantains (green bananas) and yucca!

Breakfast & Desserts:  Breakfast includes a long list of omelet options, as well as pancakes, French toast, egg sandwiches and eggs served up different ways. The dessert menu only has a few options including Flan and corn pudding.

Service: Eat at the bar, sit at one of their tables or call ahead for take-out. They even deliver! Make it clear what you want and the friendly and attentive staff will be more than happy to help you.

Central Grill: Restaurant & Café

315 Main Street Woburn

maria September 09, 2011 at 04:56 PM
We have been to the Central Grille twice. First time for breakfast, loved the banana shake! Went for lunch and the portions were huge and delicious, loved the brazilian stuffing. Will definetly go back.


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