Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts in Woburn

Uh-oh. Did you forget about Valentine's Day? Not to worry, Woburn Patch to the rescue!

It's the day before Valentine's Day and you realize you haven't purchased anything for your sweetie yet. What to do?!

Woburn Patch has five last-minute, quick gift ideas for you... all within the city of Woburn.

Cards—Head on over to , or and pick up a cute or sentimental card for your sweetie. Stop by the gift-cards section and toss in a quick gift-card as a present. Woburn Patch's favorite type of card? Hallmark's hoops and yoyo. 

Candy—There are lots of places to find some yummy Valentine's Day candy. Woburn Patch's best bet would be either , , or . Whichever one is closest, head over and pick up some chocolate! 

Flowers—Roses are always a popular choice at Valentine's Day. Woburn Patch has seen good deals on roses at in the last week. But you can also go to one of the many florist shops in the city. Our top pick? participant on Main Street. , and are some other options in Woburn. 

Jewelry—There are so many great places in Woburn to find jewelry.  on Main Street,  at Four Corners and are just three. If you're looking for something even quicker, try on Commerce Way. 

Lingerie—Nighties are a traditional Valentine's Day gift. at the is your best bet to find something perfect for your sweetie. and also sell lingerie items. 

One last idea? Want to go to the dinner route? Check out our in Woburn. 

Raquelle Matos February 13, 2011 at 03:28 PM
Great list! I'm sure folks can stop by the Edible Arrangements store today or tomorrow and pick up an available arrangement for their sweetie!


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