Libya Victim's Family Gathers in Woburn

Glen Doherty, a Winchester native, has family in Woburn.


A Winchester native with family in Woburn was identified as one of the four Americans killed in Libya Wednesday.

Glen Doherty, 42, was working for a private security company when he was killed with U.S. Ambassador to Libya John Christopher Stevens in the American consulate in Benghazi, according to Boston.com.

Doherty's family, including his mother who lives in Woburn, was notified Wednesday afternoon of Doherty's death.

According to New England Cable News,  the family may speak out about Doherty's death Thursday afternoon.

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Doherty's sister, Katie Quigly, told Boston.com her brother had previously been a Navy SEAL where he was trained as a sniper and medical corpsman and left the service four years ago to provide security for American officials overseas.

The Military Relgious Freedom Foundation said Doherty conducted operations in high threat regions including Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan and Afghanistan as he worked as a security and intelligence specialist for U.S. Government Agencies.



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