To Belay or Not to Belay?

Rock climbing can be a fun way to spend the evening.

Are you searching for an activity that doesn't include wining and dining? Instead of the usual date night calorie consumption, why not go for an activity that burns calories? 

Documented fact: Consistent exercise helps to improve your mood, maintain your weight, and keep your endorphins smiling.  Working out with your sweetheart may not sound like an ideal date, especially if you're envisioning side-by-side treadmill action.  However, a more adventuresome activity, such as scaling the side of a mountain, could add more spice to your love life! 

For this week's , why not try rock climbing?  That's right, rock climbing!  You don't have to hit the mountains to feel all Spiderman; head on over to the , at 78G Olympia Ave., where qualified instructors will guide you through basic techniques, such as learning how to properly tie into the rope, belaying in a toprope system, and catching a falling climber.  Soon enough, you and your mate will be moving confidently up the wall. 

More enjoyable than a walk around the neighborhood, be prepared to have your coordination, balance, and even problem-solving skills challenged as you learn to belay with the best of them. Who knows, you may just enjoy indoor or outdoor climbing enough to make it a dating tradition! $58 yields one three-hour lesson, a two-week membership, and basic climbing equipment (climbing shoes, harness, locking carabiner, belay device, chalk bag). 

A word of warning: Rock climbing has been known to cause ear-to-ear grinning and outright laughter.  Mistakes while learning guaranteed.  The company is not responsible for side effects, such as super-toned, beach-ready forearms.   

Boston Rock Gym, 78G Olympia Ave. can be reached by phone at 781-935-7325 or the Internet at www.bostonrockgym.com.



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