Tudo Na Brasa Offers Everything on the Barbeque

The Taste of Brasil on Main Street has a large buffet and grill for its customers.

Overview: (also known as Taste of Brasil) is a Brazilian serve-yourself buffet restaurant in the heart of Woburn Center. They recently expanded the restaurant to take the space of the business that closed next door and went from BYOB to offering a full-service bar. The staff is committed to providing excellent grilled meats and buffet selections and friendly service. We commend them for being open during one of the biggest snowstorms this past winter. When almost all of the restaurants on Main Street were closed, you could still visit Tudo Na Brasa for a hot meal.

Decor: The decor of Tudo Na Brasa is very basic. Some faux marble, exposed brick and stonework line the walls. When you enter, there are two seating areas to your left and right. The center of the restaurant features a hot and cold buffet table, a grill and a bar. You can also catch the latest Brazilian soap opera on one of Tudo Na Brasa's flat screen TVs.

Service: You take a plate and serve yourself at the buffet table. You then bring your plate to the grill where a friendly server will cut up any selection of meat you like. Take your finished plate to the counter where they'll weigh your plate, take your drink order (and dessert order), provide you with some cutlery and start your tab. You take your plate to a table and they'll bring you your drink. You can fill up as many times as you want, but you pay per plate.

Drinks: Now that they have a liquor license, you can pop in for some beer or wine at Tudo Na Brasa's full-service bar or have an alcoholic beverage with your meal. They also serve soda, fruit juices, bottled water, tea and coffee, as well as several specialty Brazilian drinks like coconut water or guarana soda.

Buffet & Grill: The buffet varies from day-to-day, but also features some regularly-featured items. Fill your plate up with some sweet plantains, Brazilian rice, the pasta of the day, collard green salad, beans, fresh and pickled vegetables and some fresh fruit. The grill offers steak, pork, chicken, chicken wrapped in bacon, sausage, etc. all cooked over an open flame and cut up to order. This is Tudo Na Brasa's specialty, so don't skip this!

Desserts: It's very hard to ignore the display of various desserts at the counter. Why not try some of the house flan? Or the popular Brazilian specialty docinho. Docinhos are sweetened condensed milk mixed with chocolate and rolled in various toppings such as chocolate sprinkles, nuts and coconut flakes.

Trivia: Tudo Na Brasa translates into Portuguese as "Everything on the Barbeque."

Tudo Na Brasa/Taste of Brasil

Address: 414 Main Street


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