Addivinola Tops Fifth Congressional Ticket in Woburn

Though Katherine Clark is projected to win the election, Frank Addivinola won in Woburn.

Frank Addivinola topped the ticket in Woburn, but it wasn't enough. (File Photo)
Frank Addivinola topped the ticket in Woburn, but it wasn't enough. (File Photo)
Though Katherine Clark is now projected to win the 5th Congressional District race to replace Ed Markey as United States Representative, she didn't top the ticket locally.

Woburn voters favored Republican Frank J. Addivinola Jr., a Boston attorney, over the Clark, a Democratic state senator from Melrose.

At the polls on Tuesday, Addivinola garnered 1,347 votes cast by Woburn residents. That was better than Clark's 1,161 votes. Wellesley's James Aulenti, an Independent, earned just 24 votes locally while James Hall was selected just 21 times in Woburn.

According to Woburn City Clerk William Campbell, voter turnout was 2,559 out of 24,337 eligible voters. That was good for a 10.5 percent voter turnout.
IQ December 11, 2013 at 02:02 PM
"That was good for a 10.5 percent voter turnout." In all fairness, this election was very poorly publicized within the district. I think they don't really want huge voter turnouts, or they would work harder to bring issues forward.
John December 11, 2013 at 02:55 PM
Bingo! An engaged, truly well-informed voter base -- one that is well-versed on all the real issues -- is something the progressive Democrats who infest this state certainly do NOT want to see happen. Ever. For the Dems, it's all about bread and circuses for the masses; nothing more, nothing less.
IQ December 11, 2013 at 03:25 PM
I'm not making this a party issue. It's a election publicity issue. "Get out and vote" doesn't exist like it does for the presidential race, but money comes in from both sides for both candidates, just the same.


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