Missing Dog Penny Reunited With Her Family

The Boston Terrier was located in the area behind Wilmington Town Hall on Sunday morning.


The expression goes that dogs are man’s best friend. But Sunday morning, one canine proved to be a great friend to its fellow dog.

Because Penny, the Woburn family’s Boston Terrier who was mi, was still wearing her leash when she ran away, she found herself in a bit of a predicament stuck in the swampy area behind Town Hall.

That’s when a Miller Street resident was walking their dog in the area. The dog began barking, having sniffed Penny out. At first the passing dog’s owner didn’t see Penny in the area because she was so far into the swamp, but they soon saw just what had grabbed their dog’s attention.

Having seen posters with Penny’s picture on them in the neighborhood, the man knew who to call, and the missing Boston Terrier was reunited with her family.

“I’ve been running around the past few days feeling like I was in a bad dream,” said Penny’s owner, Christina Marshall. “When we got the call that she had been found, it was like the seem feeling, reversed – a good dream. I have to keep pinching myself to make sure I’m actually awake and she’s home with us.”

Marshall offered some advice to any family with a missing dog. She said it’s important to communicate as much as possible through social media and by posting flyers everywhere possible. She also added that the biggest thing was to not give up hope.

“I cannot thank the community enough for their help in finding Penny,” said Marshall. “I probably won’t ever know how many people were out there for the past few days helping us, but to all of them, Gary and I give our heartfelt thanks and eternal gratitude.”


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