You Ask, Patch Answers: Places to Rent

Looking for a new place to live in Woburn? We can help you out in today's You Ask, Patch Answers.


Whether you're looking for another place in Woburn, or if you're looking to move into the city for the first time, we can help at Woburn Patch.

Three of you have asked recently about rental properties in Woburn.

Here are three highlighted properties. And for more, check out our .


1) 216 Main St. #7—This is a one-bedroom apartment with an eat-in kitchen and close proximity to downtown and the MBTA bus line. Rent is $1,050 a month.


2) 7 Kimball Court—A larger place, this rental includes three bedrooms and two baths. Utilities include water, sewer and garbarge removal. Rent is $2,271 a month.

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3) 21 Eaton Ave.—Somewhere in the middle of the other two properties is this apartment on Eaton Avenue. With new appliances and windows, it also includes a eat-in kitchen, two bedrooms and two baths. Rent is $1,450 a month.


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