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Reader submits Letter to the Editor.


Dear Editor,

The at the would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who made our National Volunteer Week event such a success.  Many thanks go out to the numerous volunteers who turned out to help construct raised beds, shovel compost, and plant vegetables.  Our project would not have been as successful without the help and support of the Massachusetts Service Alliance, Mayor Galvin, and especially Megan McCue of  

Our garden project would not have come together as well without Megan’s knowledge, input, and assistance.  Her arranging for the donation of compost to fill the raised beds was a huge help in the creation of the garden, as was her assistance in choosing which vegetables to plant.  Megan’s knowledge of gardening and growing plants is superb, and she was a wonderful resource to consult while planning this project.  We look forward to continuing working with her as our community garden at the Y grows. 


Rebekah Scaduto

SCI AmeriCorps Member




Editor's note: Letters to the Editor are printed upon receipt; content is unedited and is the letter writer's opinion.


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