Burlington Woman's Sex Abuse Lawsuit Dismissed

Rosanne Sliney had claimed her uncle sexually abused her in Woburn several years ago.


A Burlington woman’s sexual abuse lawsuit

Rosanne Sliney, who grew up in Waltham but now lives in Burlington, filed a lawsuit earlier this year alleging her uncle, Domenic Previte, sexually abused her when she was a child between 1968 and 1977. According to the lawsuit, some of the abuse occurred at the .

But, a Middlesex Superior Court Judge Thomas R. Murtaugh on June 27 allowed Previte's motion to dismiss the case, according to Sliney’s attorney, Carmen Durso. Murtaugh cited the three-year statute of limiations as the reason for dismissing the lawsuit.

Sliney plans to appeal the decision, according to Durso.

“This ruling is an example of why we have to continue our efforts, and work more vigorously to convince the Massachusetts Legislature to make changes in the law, so that future generations of children will be fully protected from sexual predators,” Sliney said in a statement released by Durso.

Sliney and other advocates have . The House Ways and Means Committee has refereed the bill to the full House for a vote.


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