Cops Bust Alleged Drug Dealer in 7-11 Lot

Two arrested by Woburn Police drug unit.


Two men were arrested on drug charges Friday by the drug unit. One man was taken into custody in the parking lot on Montvale Avenue.

Charles F. Justice, Jr., 41, of 2 Hancock St., Apt. #6 in Malden, was arrested and charged with Possession to Distribute a Class A Drug (heroin), Possession of a Class B Drug (Suboxone), and Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Law (selling heroin).

James Francis Leahy, 30, of 2 Pinevale Ave., Apt. #2 in Burlington, was arrested and charged with Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Law (purchasing heroin).

According to police, a caller reported possible drug activity in the 7-11 parking lot Friday and described a gold-colored Dodge Stratus vehicle to police. Police had been alerted to the license plate on the car earlier in the week, also related to possible drug activity.

Police reported that Justice willingly spoke to authorities after hearing his Miranda rights and admitted to selling heroin to Leahy in the parking lot. Justice also directed police to where heroin and Suboxone were located in his vehicle, said police.

Leahy was stopped by officers on Central Street and was taken into custody after Justice's admission. Police also reported that a Winchester Police K-9 unit had recognized drug scents in Leahy's car.




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