Man Connected to Woburn Robbery Charged After Leaving Behind Cell Phone

Dennis Stack.
Dennis Stack.

A Winthrop man who was charged with a December Woburn bank robbery is being charged for a Dunkin’ Donuts robbery in which he left behind his cell phone.

Dennis Stack, 41, of Winthrop, was charged in a string of bank robberies in December. As part of that spree, Stack allegedly robbed Citizens Bank on Main Street in Woburn.

CBSBoston is reporting that Stack robbed a Dunkin’ Donuts on Cambridge Street in Boston on Dec. 10. He claimed he was armed and threatened to kill everyone in the coffee shop, reported CBSBoston.

Stack struggled with a customer and he dropped his iPhone. Police confiscated the phone and spoke to someone who later called the phone, linking the robbery to Stack, according to CBSBoston.

Read the CBSBoston article here.


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