POLICE LOG: BB Pellet Vandalism Continues

An excerpt from the WPD police log. The following arrest information was supplied by the Woburn Police Department. The arrest does not indicate a conviction.


The following is an excerpt from the Woburn Police Department log. Please note that this is a sampling of activity in the log, not a complete account. We report all arrests included in the daily police log.

Featured Call of the Day:

Jan. 16 – At 7:15 a.m., a Beach Street resident reported damage to a motor vehicle. Police believe the car window was broken with a BB gun pellet.

At 8:36 a.m., a School Street woman reported her car window smashed overnight.

At 11:04 a.m., a School Street man reported his mother’s car window smashed overnight. Police believe the window may have been damaged with a BB gun pellet.

At 6:51 p.m., police responded to Willow Street for a report of vandalism. According to police, a resident reported his car window smashed out overnight.


Other Incidents:

Jan. 16 –

At 7:19 a.m., police were called to a car accident on Washington Street. According to police, a truck fishtailed in the snow and struck another car. There were no reported injuries.

At 7:39 a.m., a Billerica woman was in a single-car crash on Old Cambridge Road. According to police, the woman lost control of her vehicle in the snow and slid into a tree. There were no reported injuries.

At 8 a.m., police were called to Walnut Street for a report of a two-car accident. Police reported that one car was stopped at a stop sign when it was struck from behind. One driver complained of neck pain.

At 9:01 a.m., police were called to a Dragon Court business after an employee witnessed a driver strike the guardrail without stopping. The driver told police he lost control of his car and hit the guard rail, and was going to call police about the accident later.

At 12:33 p.m., a Waltham Street man reported a construction company using his driveway, without his permission, for a project. Police attempted to contact the construction company, but no one was on site. The officer advised the resident to call when a construction company representative was available so officers could help mediate the situation.

At 3:45 p.m., police were called to Wright Street for a breaking and entering into a home. According to police, the doorjamb was damaged during the break. The resident told police that he noticed his cabinets and kitchen drawers were open, and that other items had been moved from around. A tin jar containing coins was taken from the residence, said police.

At 3:53 p.m., police responded to a two-car accident at Main Street and Newbridge Avenue. According to police, one driver failed to yield to the right of way, causing the collision. There were no reported injuries. One driver was cited. 

At 5:26 p.m., a Mill Street resident reported an electronic tablet stolen from her apartment. According to police, the woman left her apartment unlocked while she did the laundry. Within the 20 minutes she was gone, someone entered the apartment and took her son’s Samsung Galaxy tablet.

At 9:31 p.m., police were called to Kimball Court for a domestic disturbance. According to police, officers met a man outside who said his girlfriend was inside the apartment and threatening him. The woman told police that she was upset over a relative’s health and that she believed her boyfriend had hired a prostitute. The woman told police she never threatened the man. The woman was escorted off the property to a friend’s house for the evening.

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