Suspect Steals Items From Cars, Drinks Bottle of Champagne

The suspect was involved in at least two car break-ins this week.

A person entered an unlocked vehicle on Linden Street this week, stole items – and even drank a bottle of champagne during the theft.

Police responded to Linden Street on Wednesday morning after an overnight car break-in.

Someone entered an unlocked car and stole a GPS, iPod Touch, two iPhone chargers and sunglasses. The items taken were valued at $550.

The person also took a small case of champagne that was “glittered” for a wedding shower. The thief drank one bottle and left it behind in the vehicle. Police found a dozen more champagne bottles in a nearby front lawn and an unopened champagne bottle near the scene of another car break-in on Bedford Road, which is about a mile away from the first incident.

The car that was entered on Bedford Road was also unlocked. Two Vera Bradley cases and a GPS were taken. The items taken were valued at $400.

In addition to these two thefts, there was another case earlier in the week in which an Arlington Road man reported seeing a man on surveillance video try to open a door of his vehicle, which was parked in the man's driveway.

The man showed police the surveillance video of the suspect attempting to open the car and police were able to a description of the suspect. 


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