What’s Next for the DeNapoli Pension Agreement?

Officer Robert DeNapoli is a step closer to having his retirement issue resolved, but there are still a couple steps left.

Robert DeNapoli. Photo credit: Patch file photo.
Robert DeNapoli. Photo credit: Patch file photo.

Woburn Police Officer Robert DeNapoli is a step closer to having his pension issue resolved after the City Council unanimously supported the pension agreement between the officer and Mayor Scott Galvin last week, but there are still a couple steps left.

DeNapoli, who was seriously wounded when he was shot multiple times during a jewelry store robbery in 2011 and was forced to retire because of his injuries, has been trying to resolve his pension pay for the past two years. He initially sought 100% of his compensation after the age of 65, which Galvin opposed and a majority of the City Council supported.

More than two years after the officer was shot, DeNapoli ultimately agreed to Galvin’s proposal.

The DeNapoli deal includes 100% pay for DeNapoli until the age of 65 when the disability retirement allowance will revert to 80% of the average annual rate of compensation paid in the previous 12 months. The 80% figure was proposed by Galvin previously, but a majority of the council supported 100% after the age of 65. The City Council's 100% plan was vetoed by Galvin.

In addition, the agreement would indemnify DeNapoli for “hospital, medical, and other healthcare expenses related to treatment of injuries sustained while in the line of duty on September 6, 2011, or not otherwise covered by health insurance.”

With the council’s approval, the issue goes to the State House.

State Rep. James Dwyer (D-Woburn) will present the agreement as a home rule petition at the State House. If approved by the Legislature, the home rule petition will go to the governor’s office for his signature.

Home rule petitions are usually approved without an issue. However, the DeNapoli pension issue has already been brought to the State House and pushed back to the city because the mayor didn't support it. 

With Galvin backing the new pension agreement, this home rule petition should receive State House approval without any issues. 

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