Woman Says Couple Threatened Her at Woburn Mall

The woman allegedly needed to avoid a car in the parking lot and retaliated by throwing an empty yogurt cup at the car.

Photo credit: Patch file photo.
Photo credit: Patch file photo.

An Andover woman reported being threatened by a man and woman at the Woburn Mall.

The woman said she was leaving the mall Thursday afternoon and was crossing the parking lot carrying an empty yogurt cup. A newer model gray Nissan Altima was driving in the parking lot and forced her to take a step backward toward the curb.

Upset at the driver, the woman threw her empty yogurt cup at the vehicle. The driver stopped and made threatening gestures at the woman, she told police.

The woman entered the mall and was in the back of TJ Maxx when the man and a blonde white female approached her. The man made threatening gestures toward her and the female said she was “going to kill her” and that she would “get her when she walked to her car,” said the victim.

She also attempted to grab the woman, but the victim pushed her back with her pocketbook. The two people left the store.

She contacted mall security, which escorted the woman to her car.

Police are investigating the incident. 


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