City Council Discusses CVS, Mr. Charlie's

Public hearings for the North Woburn proposals opened Tuesday.


The City Council opened three public hearings regarding North Woburn projects Tuesday, but all will need more discussion.

Alderman Mike Raymond told Woburn Patch Wednesday that although the hearings were opened, they were forwarded to the council's Committee on Special Permits.

Normally, public hearings are opened at City Council, forwarded to the special permitting committee, then re-opened at a later date with City Council. Also during that discussion time period, the Planning Board and Board of Appeals holds meetings on the matters (if necessary).

In August, some North Woburn residents were upset to learn that a CVS could be built on the current site of Mr. Charlie's ice cream shop, while that eatery would move across the street into the old Dunkin' Donuts spot in the shopping plaza.

Developers for the CVS project and Robert McSheffrey, owner of the Mr. Charlie's land, filed papers with the city to begin talks on the special permits needed to make the projects happen in August.


What are Mr. Charlie's and CVS asking?

According to the City Clerk's office, the following items are on the City Council's table regarding the Mr. Charlie's/CVS proposal:

  • special permit to allow alteration of nonconforming use and structure to relocate Mr. Charlie’s, to allow for 47 parking spaces, and for alteration of existing nonconforming sign at 880 Main Street. (Petitioner: Robert McSheffrey)
  • special permit to allow for the sale or rental of automobiles, trucks, truck trailers and motorcycles and for a Second Class Motor Vehicle Sales License, all at 880 Main Street. (Petitioner: Robert McSheffrey)
  • special permit to allow for 1. Retail establishment greater than 15,000 g.f.a, and 2. Drive-up customer service facility, all at 1 School Street, 3 School Street, 13 School Street, 891 Main Street, 893 Main Street and 895 Main Street. (Petitioner: Main Street Woburn RX, LLC)


Current North Woburn Projects & Proposals

  1. Alzheimer residence—859 Main St.
  2. Four-family dwelling construction (town houses)—960 Main St.
  3. CVS—corner of School and Main streets (Mr. Charlie's location)
  4. 40B proposed project—1042 Main St. (also referred to as the Woburn Quarry)—project requests denied by the Zoning Board of Appeals.
  5. Condo project—1071 Main St.
  6. Condo project—859 Main St.
Aaron B October 18, 2012 at 04:12 PM
I'm most concerned about ever being able to make a left from Elm onto Main, especially to make an immediate right onto School. It's hard enough as it is right now. If they fix that mess of an intersection as part of the CVS plans, I may soften my attitude. What's really needed is a credible, independent traffic study that takes all proposed projects into consideration.
G C October 18, 2012 at 04:33 PM
What does CVS offer that Stop and Shop doesn't?
Jennifer T. October 18, 2012 at 07:01 PM
Children (ages 5-11) go to the Linscott-Rumford at the end of Elm street.. Every morning and every afternoon kids (including my own) walk those streets to get to and from home, yes there are crossing guards, but NOT on EVERY corner...more cars in that area equals less safety for the children. Stop and Shop is right down the road, CVS at the Woburn mall is not that far away...do we really need another pharmacy? Mtn St. is not even close to Elm/School you don't see the congestion and craziness at the intersection EVERYDAY trying to get your kids safely to school. ADD CVS customers, employees/trucks/visitors to the Alzheimer unit, tenants to any new condos that are being considered and YIKES we are in for a carnival ride!!!
Donna Vigneau October 20, 2012 at 02:33 PM
I haven't lived in N. Woburn for almost 25 years now, but parents still do. Why does Woburn need another CVS??? There's one right at the mall, not to mention Stop & Shop right down the street. School St. is backed up a 1/4 mile just getting to the intersection @ 5pm not to mention Merrimac, Elm and Main Street. This is crazy idea
Joe October 26, 2012 at 12:54 PM
This is not the correct location for a CVS. The intersection is already overburdened with traffic and now there are more construction projects ongoing which will add to the the traffic. If there is any way to force Mr. Charlies to change the paint on the store to a more cohesive one which fits in with the the new DDs and the the florist shop and bank next door would be great. I don't understand how Mr. Charlie's current location can look so good and then we have this freak show.


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