City Officials Discuss Additions to FY12 Budget

The Citi Stat and Stream Line Permits systems are to be put in place next fiscal year.

As part of the city budget process, the City Council Committee on Finance met last night to discuss parts of the fiscal 2012 budget.

Woburn Mayor Scott Galvin spoke to the aldermen about two new communications systems that the city will implement in the coming fiscal year.

Citi Stat and Stream Line Permits will comprise $42,000 of the mayoral budget in fiscal 2012.

"They are separate [programs], but they do have information that is helpful to both," said Galvin.

According to Galvin, the Stream Line Permits program will start in the Building Department. Then all departments involved in the permitting process will have access to the same permit record.

Citi Stat will serve as a way for city officials to "track expenditures, trends in different departments, see how we are doing well and what we're not doing well," said Galvin.

Although City Council President Paul Denaro said he is concerned with how much the budget will affect taxpayers, Galvin said he believes the impact will be minimal.

"With this budget, when all is said and done, [the taxpayers] will be in a good position," said the mayor.  


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