Could Malden Move the DPW to McFadden Manor?

One proposal considered by city councillors would relocate the DPW and some city engineering offices to a renovated McFadden Manor. One councillor says it would only happen "over her dead body."

Could you see the Malden DPW opening shop at the former McFadden Manor site?

Some city councillors expressed tentative interest in the idea during the public property committee's review of city hall relocation bids Tuesday night.

While specific details were not made immediately available to the press, Councillor Neil Kinnon described the proposal as a land swap with a local property-owner - a potential alternative to purchasing new property that could save taxpayers millions.

Kinnon described the parcel as “very similar” to the Boston Steel site at 490 Eastern Ave., an alternative proposal with a $4.3 million price tag.

McFadden Manor is slightly larger - 2.5 acres to Boston Steel's 2.1 - and is assessed about half-a-million dollars more in value. Both properties would require an unspecified amount of renovations before opening.

Two additional proposals were also received by the city council, though details were not made available Tuesday.

“It's early...but this seems to show significant savings for the city,” Councillor Jim Nestor said. Councillor David D'Arcangelo agreed.

But Councillor Barbara Murphy, who represents the property and its abutters in Ward 5, said such a change would come only “over her dead body.”

“McFadden Manor has many homes closer” to the site than Boston Steel, Murphy told her colleagues. “To me, this is not a reasonable location.”

Another major difference? The Boston Steel site sits on Route 60, near the center of the city, while McFadden Manor is perched on the Melrose/Malden border near Forestdale School.

The councillors, noting they had received the proposal just before Tuesday's meeting, cast a unanimous vote to review the proposals for further discussion

What do you think of this idea? Where would you like to see the city's DPW/Engineering yard? 

Michael Victor December 13, 2012 at 06:55 PM
Whateva Annie looks like a good number of Councilors might agree. Looks like my Councilor and yours agree on Boston Steel however they got there. I know you hate that he is your Councilor but what he has touched in my neighborhood has been all positive, and a good many in yours would say the same. In fact I would have to say the same about down on Highland Ave too which I think is Ward Two.
AnnieOMalden December 13, 2012 at 07:11 PM
MV: I have no problem with the school building a real campus nearer to the athletic facility and in fact would prefer that over the subpar facilities (Maplewood school) the middle grades have to endure. The end does not justify the means no matter what you have to say. Look at the trial Tim Cahill just went through on much lesser deals than what has gone on here in this city. Look at Sal DiMasi and Tom Finneran and they pale in comparison. All politics is local and we sure have our fill here. BTW: The charter school is dumping a bunch of money into the old fire station--which they never did while our brave fire fighters were there and paying rent. Shameful.
Anon December 14, 2012 at 01:02 AM
So the DPW, the department charged with keeping the city clean, needs to move it's operation to a new location because their current one is dirty?
Kevin December 14, 2012 at 01:30 PM
What a terrible idea this is. Who came up with this? The other councilor who wants to put little DPW sub-stations is serious about that?
Bill M December 14, 2012 at 11:39 PM
Put the DPW in Revere with the fire department.


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