Mayor Proposes Nuisance Ordinance

Hopes to keep properties from becoming neglected nuisances.


Mayor Scott Galvin has proposed an ordinance that would attempt to keep residential properties from becoming nuisances, reported the Boston Globe.

The ordinance would require landlords of all vacant properties, as well as those in foreclosure, to register with the city's Building Inspector annually. Also included in the ordinance would be homes occupied by someone other than the owner.

The annual registration would require a $50 fee, reported the Globe.

A number of properties have been reported nuisances in the last two years, including , the and

Mayor Galvin reportedly told the Globe that the registration process would help the city maintain a database on possible nuisance properties, making it easier to keep track of the problem properties.

Edward Quinn April 21, 2012 at 11:42 AM
I do agree with your comment on peeling pain. I did feel that this would not be appropriate and we as residents always need to be vigaliant on issues like this .Yet I did not see anything in the original article or any of the subsequant posting that suggested even remotely that this was the case in the ordanance. Instead it appeared to be directed at the condition which has led to so many of the nuicence filings and many of those listed. So unless more is offered to support the claim that it would go after property owners who live at their home over issues like how long their lawn is etc. I still think the intention and purpose so far publicly released is a good step for the city and one more tool to help deal with some of the property that everyone agrees is a nusience property. More importantly lets hope the measure will be a wake up call to banks that control vacant foreclosed properies to securethem and main tain them to a minimum standarded.
Earnhardt April 21, 2012 at 01:32 PM
Thats the point, no one saw anything unless you get the Globe, As I stated until I see the ordinance I am totally against this. from what Has been discussed here, There has been no sightings of the ordinance, The Mayor should have called the Daily Woburn paper first , then discussed it with the council, then talk to the big time paper. Instead he chose to "grandstand". After all. peeling paint, high grass, a pothole in your driveway may be considered a nusiance. Do you want Government telling you when to paint? when to cut your grass? Thats why we need to see the ordinance proposal. If not, well what would be the guidlines?
Edward Quinn April 21, 2012 at 02:20 PM
Your point is well taken but, don't you see the discussion was based on the article not speculation about what it may entail that discussion will occur with the city council and I trust them to make a good decision in most cases and I plan on attending the hearing on it. My comments are based on the article statements and on all occasions I was very clear I would not support a neighborhood witch hunt proposal (read back). As written I still think it is a good idea and I plan to support that idea. Whipping everyone into a fear frenzy is counterproductive and the real reason why this country is in trouble. Polarizing the discussion on a set of facts that has yet to be stated is doing a grave disservice to the community. Fear mongering is just so counterproductive that we risk paralyzing our city into doing nothing about any issue. So please stick to the facts as presented the time for you imagined scenario is not here yet and may never come to a public discussion. I hope so at least.
Earnhardt April 21, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Yes I did see the discussion. all I stated was until I see what the ordinance will contain I will not supportt it, I think I was also very clear on that. Im not whipping anything up. I simply stated what it will take for me to support it, form what I know now, and what has been posted on here, There is nothing concrete. Besides, What does a homeowner do if they are living day to day? does the city tear down their home because its a "nuisance"? Until I see what the plan is Its got no legs. And quite frankly, Maybe your ok with conforming if the Govt. wants you to take steps to keep your house nice and picture book perfect, But I'm not, Ill keep it nice, Ill keep it safe, but Ill do it for me. Not for City Hall.
Earnhardt April 21, 2012 at 02:28 PM
P.S. I dont trust City Govt. to make good decisions, They can't even get along half the time. Its a minuture Washington D.C. you know it, and I know it.


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