Medical Marijuana Ordinance Proposed By Officials

City Council puts zoning ordinance forward for public hearing.


A medical marijuana dispensary zoning proposal will be heard by the City Council subcommittee on ordinances soon. After that discussion, the proposal will be the subject of a public hearing.

The proposed ordinance would restrict where a medical marijuana dispensary could be located in the city of Woburn. The question came up after the Nov. 6 state election in which voters approved the use of medical marijuana through dispensaries.

According to City Council records, the proposed law would define medical marijuana dispensaries as:

"An establishment that acquires, cultivates, possesses, processes (including development of related products such as food, tinctures, aerosols, oils, or ointments), transfers, transports, sells, distributes, dispenses, or administers marijuana or products containing marijuana and/or related supplies, for medical

These dispensaries would not be allowed:

  • Within one thousand feet of a residential zoning district, public or private school, or church or other structure used in whole or in part all the time or part of the time for religious or spiritual services;
  • Within one thousand feet of any facility where large numbers of minors regularly congregate;
  • Within two thousand feet of a public park, playground, nursery school or day care center.

When the medical marijuana ballot question was approved, Woburn Police Chief Robert Ferullo said the city would balance the legality of the issue, along with public safety.

"We are exploring all of our options to ensure the safety and quality of life of all the residents and visitors to the city of Woburn," said the chief. "There are protections available to us, but there are also rights available to the dispensaries. We will strive to protect that balance."


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