PHOTOS: Clapp School Site Still Contentious

The modular classrooms are gone, but some say the ballfield should return. Pick-up and drop-off lane should be removed and playground equipment moved, residents say.

Sometimes what you don’t see is an important part of a picture.

So what don’t you see behind the ?

Gone are the modular or portable classrooms. , they were brought in to house students from the while the was built.

The ground under the former portables farthest from the Clapp School has been loamed and was seeded Tuesday. More loam is needed, according to Wickson Construction employee Jason Stafford, for a strip of land between the newly-loamed area and the playground. Land adjacent to the school and the paved area will also be paved, Stafford said. The work could be done this week, he said, depending on the weather.

But there’s something else you don’t see behind the Clapp School that concerns some residents, including Rosa DiTucci, who is also Ward 1 alderman. A ball field in the uphill corner of the site farthest from Hudson Street. DiTucci said the ball field, used for team practice and pick-up games, drew younger players from all over the city.

The ball field was squeezed out by the portables and the drop-off and pick-up lane installed with them off Hudson Street, DiTucci said.  When that lane was installed, the playground equipment near the school—but not on school land, DiTucci said—was moved farther away from Hudson Street. More equipment was brought from the old Goodyear School, she said, and moved onto what had been green space.

The drop-off and pick-up lane should be removed, DiTucci said, and the fence and playground equipment moved closer to Hudson Street to return a ball field to the park.

This has nothing to do with the educational use of the other part of the property, DiTucci told Woburn Patch Tuesday. It is not under the jurisdiction of the School Committee, she said. DiTucci said she has spoken to Mayor Scott Galvin about the issue.

Grecian Formula October 19, 2011 at 08:13 PM
I thought the city promise to return the ballfield to the southend? My boys teams practiced on that in little league. Why won't they do it? That drop lane was gonna come out when everything was finished, so why are people fighting? Is the mayor going back on that to? Whats wrong with this guy that he's always picking on the southend. They should be happy they got their school so now fix the mess and make it so the kids get the ballfield back again. Whats the big deal? Are they busting our ***** because we won't die quiet? Heard the school committee asked for another new school last night. People I talk to at work today were ticked when they heard it. The paint isn't dry on the Goodyear yet and I'm tired of paying for new schools. Stop now because soon we're gonna be broke like all our neighbors. Look at Malden and Stoneham because they have to pay for trash like 2 dollars for each bag because they put up all new schools and they can't afford to pay for trash pickup. Its coming our way because we have a lot of things to pay for like the water oplant and tower and the tax bill for the Goodyear hasn't hit yet. Whats wrong with these people?
Denise Caprio October 20, 2011 at 07:22 PM
They are going back on their words not only to us the residents of Woburn but also to the Department of Enviromental Protection. The drop off road was suppose to come out in 2 years due to the water shed. It had nothing to do with the school issues. But you are right Grecian Formula enough is enough. We are in debt for at least 120 million dollars for building 4 huge elementary schools and 1 colossal high school. We closed one school this year and not 1 person lost their jobs but we hired 30 new employees in the school department. I am glad we had no lay offs but come on 30 new employees in the school department. And now Mr. Crowley said this week he wants to start putting 50 thousand dollars a side to fix or repair the artifical turf at the high school, can i assume he wants the same for the artificial turf at the Goodyear School too. The School Committee is already putting 80 thousand a side for the empty Clapp Building lets say at least for the next 7 years that is 560 thousand dollars for an empty building STOP WASTING MY TAX MONEY. I have worked hard an long for the few thing I do have and I am blessed I still have them. There is so many people losing jobs, can;t afford health insurance, food, clothing. People will sdtart leaving our beloved Woburn for a cheaper place to live. If the City of Woburn keeps spending money at the rate they are, yes we will have several nice state of the art schools but no one to attend them.


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