Should the State Bring Back Happy Hour?

Woburn hasn't had Happy Hour in years. But state officials are thinking about bringing back the discounted drink option.


Happy Hours at bars and restaurants in Massachusetts have not been allowed for decades when restrictions were passed to cut down on the amount of drinking and driving.

Next week, the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) will hold a hearing in Boston to gather public feedback on bringing back "happy hour" events in local establishments.

The casino bill passed last year requires the ABCC to complete a study by Jan. 31 of whether the state happy hour law, which currently restricts daily or hourly discounts on alcoholic drinks, should be updated or amended, according to the Boston Herald.

John Grasso, president of the Halfway Cafe chain of six restaurants, told the Herald that he would like to see restaurants have the same rules as casinos.

“Do I want to go back to the days of two-for-ones and happy hour? No, not really, but in terms of competitive advantage, that should be up to the individual operators’ discretion,” Grasso said. “Our industry is under siege, and (free drinks at casinos) is just another nail in the coffin. There is an unfair playing advantage with that.”

In Woburn, there is no requirement that you must eat to order a drink at a restaurant. However, the Licensing Commission does enforce other rules, such as no alcoholic beverage sales on Christmas Day and only allowing patrons to stand in approved places (such as bar areas of restaurants).

The Woburn Licensing Commission code pertaining to alcoholic beverages is online at the City of Woburn Website

What do you think about bringing back happy hours? Are you in favor? Should the ban stay? Tell us in the comment section below.

Earnhardt August 15, 2012 at 11:18 AM
The casinos will get their way... two for one is just another way to get you to loosen up and throw your money into the slot machines! the more you drink. the more you gamble.
Roth Gill August 16, 2012 at 09:26 PM
I agree with Earn, why should casinos be allowed to booze up their patrons with the hopes they'll loosen their inhibitions and gamble more? Isn't it up to the person serving to take responsibility for making sure they don't overly serve their customers? Has the drunk driving/alcohol related issues actually been reduced due to this current law? I understand that alcohol will be a continual problem, but isn't gambling a problem that needs to be addressed? In the name of more jobs and tax revenue....I guess we can turn a blind eye towards the many families in this state that have been or are currently being torn apart by gambling addictions?


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