What Will You Buy During the Tax-Free Weekend?

Do you think the "holiday" stimulates Massachusetts' economy? Let us know in the comments section below.


Shoppers will be getting a break this weekend, Aug. 11 and 12, during the Sales Tax Holiday in Massachusetts. 

This weekend, the 6.25 percent sales tax levy will be suspended on most items less that $2,500. Excluded items include tobacco products, utilities, motor vehicles, motorboats and meals.

That still leaves appliances, electronics, household items, toys and a variety of other products people can buy without paying taxes. Is there something you have your eye on that you might buy this weekend?

So what we want to know today is: What do you plan to purchase during the tax holiday? Do you think the tax-free weekend helps to stimulate the commonwealth's economy?  

Answer the question in the Comments section below.


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