Woburn Relatively Unscathed By State Aid Cuts

City's state legislators chime in on Gov. Deval Patrick's proposed aid cuts.


Gov. Deval Patrick announced plans to close a $540 million state budget deficit this week through a combination of cuts and transfers from the state's "rainy day" fund.

The proposed cuts, some of which require the approval of the legislature, would reduce the state's planned aid to Woburn in the current fiscal year, FY2013, by nearly $50,000.

Woburn's total FY2013 budget $121.7 million Proposed cut in state local aid ($50,000)
4/1,000,000 (or .00004) percent of the total budget Budget items that total $50K Several administrative assistant positions
Assistant positions at City Hall All election workers (including police details) Planner/Grant writer position Department of Public Works laborer positions DPW telephone operator position Water treatement plant maintenance

City officials rarely cut a single position to make up for a lump sum state aid cut. Normally, officials will take from several accounts or make up the funding by using a "savings" account.


Woburn's state legislators react...

"Sen. [Ken] Donnelly would not approve these cuts.  The senator understands there is a revenue problem in the commonwealth, but would need to see the whole package of cuts in order to determine whether or not he agrees that it represents the best way to solve it. In general, he is not in favor of local aid cuts. He is also not in favor of cuts that disproportionally affect our most vulnerable residents." — Hannah Buntich, spokeswoman for Sen. Ken Donnelly

"While I understand that slowed economic growth has resulted in a budget gap of $540 million for Fiscal Year 2013, I disagree with Gov. Patrick's proposal to address the need for spending reductions. During the course of the recession, we have asked cities and towns to tighten their belts and shoulder more of the burden in meeting the obligations expected by the taxpayers. I will not support any proposals that cut local aid. I also disagree with the governor's proposed cuts to programs that help reimburse cities and towns for the costs of mandates from the state regarding education, including the Special Education Circuit Breaker and Homeless student transportation. While I thank the Governor for leaving Chapter 70 Education funding at its current levels, I disagree with the cuts to important reimbursements for educational programs that were proposed in his spending reduction plan. We can do better and I look forward to working with my colleagues to make sure we meet our obligations to cities and towns, and most importantly, the taxpayers, by protecting local aid and education funding." — State Rep. Jim Dwyer

Keith December 07, 2012 at 03:45 PM
The list of affected budget items above seems inconsistent and unrealistic in relation to the $50K cut being mentioned? Are these part time positions, if no, then how do you spread a mere $50K across all those jobs?
Jed December 07, 2012 at 04:49 PM
Keith: I believe each item listed above is roughly 50K on its own. The 50K total is not all those items collectively
Jed December 07, 2012 at 04:50 PM
Also, I believe those were just Danielle's observations as budget line-items that were in the 50K ballpark and not neccesarily proposed cuts


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