Where Do Woburn Teacher Salaries Rank in Massachusetts?

A new report by Boston Business Journal ranks school districts by teacher salary.

The average teacher in Woburn earned $74,197 in 2013, which is ranked 104th in the state, according to a report by Boston Business Journal.

That is a 7% increase over 2012 and a 20% jump since 2008 when the average teacher salary was $61,640 in Woburn.

The Concord-Carlisle school system had the highest average teacher salary at $95,947 while the lowest paid was the western Massachusetts town of Florida, which paid an average of $35,497 in 2013.

Here was the average teacher salary in other nearby communities in 2013:

Burlington -- $85,901

Lexington -- $77,442

Winchester -- $74,169

Wilmington -- $68,334

Stoneham -- $67,103

Reading -- $66,048


"There's really not much consistency among local towns and cities when it comes to teacher salaries and employment. Some communities are spending more than ever, while others are below where they were before the last recession,” reported Boston Business Journal.

One thing that can play a large part in the average salary is the number of veteran and new teachers. For instance, newer teachers make less money and may skew the average lower for a district. 

Read the full Boston Business Journal report and compare districts.


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