Where Should Woburn Build a New School?

City officials will seek the public's input.

Hurld Elementary School. Photo credit: Patch file photo.
Hurld Elementary School. Photo credit: Patch file photo.

Woburn officials will soon host meetings to discuss building a new school for Hurld and Wyman School Elementary students.

Woburn has until the fall to decide where to build a new school for Hurld and Wyman students, reported the Daily Times Chronicle.

The Hurld-Wyman School Building Committee recently hired an architectural firm to help the city decide whether the city should build an addition or renovate the schools or whether Woburn should build a new school. 

Woburn officials are eyeing one of three parcels for a possible new location: “the old Loft Seed property off of Wyman Street, the land around the old farm stand that comprised a portion of Spence Farm, and the existing Hurld site,” reported the Times Chronicle. 

Read the full Daily Times Chronicle article.

Vince Grillo April 02, 2014 at 08:05 AM
The Wyman Neighborhood Group is a group of neighbors who came together when the planned development of Spence Farm spurred fears of increased flooding that is already horrendous in the area. Dozens (and eventually hundreds) of us actively participated in civic meetings for months which spurred the idea of a tiny meals tax to enable the purchase of this property (and Whispering Hills). We attended many City Council meetings and were able to encourage the council to approve the funding and purchase as open space and to prevent flooding. That was the wish of the community and the PROMISE of the council with that vote. So we, of course, oppose using it as the site for a school. This property has become an integral part of the city and an exemplary center for community activity. In addition to its ongoing and regular use as an outdoor recreational area both summer and winter, let us remind the city of some of the many of activities hosted at the farm. In addition to the popular summer and winter farmers’ markets, several blood drives and many recycling drives, there have been the kids’ fall festivals, kids’ triathlons, Oktoberfest, health & wellness classes, cooking demonstrations, classes in gardening, Christmas tour stop, scout meetings, hay rides, petting corrals, Feeny Five road race, the planting of an entire fruit tree orchard won by overwhelming community support, and many other activities. Visit their website at to see many other activities at http://tinyurl.com/spencefarm


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