Sgt. Connolly B Team Shuts Out Lexington

Enjoys first home win of the Pop Warner season.


The following text was provided by Woburn Pop Warner:

This past week the Sgt. Paul Connolly Trojan Woburn B Team defeated Lexington at home with a shut out win.  From the start of the game Lexington’s offensive line was no match for Woburn’s Defensive line of Kyle Chorlton, Marlon McCoy, Jesus Pizarro, Ahmed Hmina, John Golles and Luther Thiogene. The line put pressure on Lexington to turn over on the 4th down.  Woburn’s Offensive line of Jacob Walthall, Tommy Nye, Nelson Claude, Andrew Nicholas, Ryan Getherall, Joseph O’Brien, David Lennon, Ryan Chillemi, Andrre Eller, Charles O’Connor and Nic Pascuccio plowed through Lexington’s defense to help Colin Butcher fly down the field with a whopping 53-yard run for the 1st T.D. of the game.  The P.A.T. from Charles O’Connor was no good.  Jake Bridge helped stop Lexington on the 4th.  Lexington punted for a Woburn return by Jesus Pizarro for a 15-yard run.  Kyle Chorlton then took the ball for the 1st down at the 20-yard line.  Luke Scaramozzino with 2nd and goal that gave Andrew Nicholas a smooth 20-yard run for the 2nd T.D. of the game.  Again the P.A.T. was no good.  Lexington, again lost the ball at the 25-yard line from an interception by Jesus Pizarro for  another T.D within minutes of the game.  The P.A.T. was no good.  Kyle Chorlton made a sweet tackle for Woburn to take over on the 1st and 10 at the 49-yard line.  Lexington’s defense was no match for superb blocking by Ryan Daniell and Tommy Nye.  Kyle Chorlton sailed down the field for a huge 50-yard run for another T.D.  Tyler Hayden ran for the extra point and it was good.  Lexington’s offensive struggled to gain some yards against Clifford Louis, Jake Bridge, Kyle Chute, Dustin Burkle, and Ryan Getherall and they just couldn’t make it happen in the 1st half of the game.  Woburn ended the half with a huge lead of 25-0.

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At the start of the 2nd half Woburn took over the ball on the 1st and 10 on a fumble at the 44-yard line.  Jake Bridge made a sly sneak attack pass to Nick Romeo to the 51-yard line.  Ryan Chillemi took the ball at the 45-yard line for a 1st down.  Nick Romeo then took the ball down the middle for a T.D.  For the extra point, the pass to Tyler Hayden was no good.  Not much went on in the 2nd half as Woburn’s defense, with help from Luis Germano, Joseph Silverhus, Matthew Pollard and Mateus Nunes, just kept stopping Lexington every chance they had. Unfortunately at the 2-minute warning Kyle Chute suffered what appeared to be a knee injury that required the ambulance to take him to the hospital.  The game quickly ended with a first home win for Woburn 31-0.


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