The Anti-Knight in Shining Armor

Red Sox pitcher John Lackey shows men exactly how they shouldn’t treat their wives!

Did you ever hear something, something that has nothing to do with you, but you just couldn’t let it go? This week I heard about Red Sox pitcher John Lackey filing for divorce from his wife.  Now you are probably thinking, 'OK, why did that upset you so much?' Well, he not only is filing for divorce from his wife but she is currently fighting breast cancer.  The minute I heard this, John Lackey became a despicable human being to me. 
Now granted I don’t know John Lackey personally, but after hearing this I don’t know why anyone would want to.  I mean this action speaks volumes about his values and character.  If nothing else, this woman deserves his respect.  I mean at one point he did love her and he did marry her.  That alone warrants his allegiance and respect. I can’t imagine why a person with basic human values wouldn’t want to help see her through this difficult time. 
I know there are two sides to every story but in this case let’s examine the facts.  Fact is, he did love her enough to marry her at one point.  Another fact, she has a life threatening illness and could use more support than ever.  Final fact, instead of stepping up he ran for the hills.
John Lackey is supposed to be a role model.  This is exactly how a MAN shouldn’t act.  I mean if he was unhappy, fine, that happens sometimes, but there are ways to still help her and honor what they once had.  Why does it have to be all about him?  Anyone that has had an ill family member knows that if illness teaches us anything, it is that life is too short.  He cited “the marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities’’ as his reason.  Really John? You couldn’t just move into a separate bed room and stick it out to help her.  I mean this is a woman he supposedly loved. If that is what he does to a person he loves imagine what he does to enemies?
Anyone that reads my articles knows I’m big on chivalry and mutual respect in relationship.  John Lackey has displayed the complete antithesis of everything I have been writing about.   In one fell swoop he has displayed to the world exactly how not to treat someone and exactly how selfish he is.   I am a firm believer in karma.  What we put out into the universe we get back, good or bad.  I myself would not want to put that kind of karma into the universe.  I mean after all didn’t he ever hear 'Do unto others?' 

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Becky October 03, 2011 at 11:47 AM
No, John Lackey is not a role model. Neither are Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, or Michael Jordan. They are ordinary human beings with some athletic skills (or extraordinary talent) that allow them to be paid obscene amounts of money to play games for a living. This does not give us the right to know the details about what should be a private matter between a husband and a wife. And, in truth, we don't know the details. All anyone knows is what is on the public documents that a clerk (most likely) in a Texas courthouse decided to sell to a celebrity gossip website for a few extra bucks. It is known that she has been fighting breast cancer for about a year, and it is now known that he filed the divorce papers. That's all.
Stephanie Burke October 03, 2011 at 12:28 PM
I do appreciate all your opinions and as I said, this is just my opinion. I agree that these sports figures should not be role models but unfortunately, in todays society, our athletes, singers, actors, and other famous people are held up as such. Again I do thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject as it is nice to see other points of view.
Sue October 03, 2011 at 02:47 PM
I understand why you feel someone should not leave their sick spouse, and it's an admirable thought. However, you only know the facts that lie upon the surface and not the feelings involved. When someone is sick with a disease such as cancer (as I have been myself) they do not need any stresses added to their life and in some circumstances a dirvorce may be that added stress or it may not. Maybe, that divorce is just what you need to be able to focus on yourself, versus your failing marriage. In a way with this article you are making it seem as though she was diagnosed with breast cancer and immediately John Lackey said we're done, and that was not the case. And yes, while this is an opinion piece in my mind you are doing nothing more than spreading rumors about a man you know nothing about.
Stephanie Burke October 03, 2011 at 03:56 PM
Not long after his wife started chemo, yes he did leave her...I believe it was reported a week before she found out she had a round of chemo. Also it was reported that she knew nothing about it and was blind sided by it. I agree with your point that when someone is sick they don't need the added stress...and a divorce that your blind sided with seems to be a lot of stress. Again this is merely my opinion of the situation.
reed atamian October 04, 2011 at 05:12 PM
Shame on any human for acting the way this man has .


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