Woburn Business Flash Mobs for ALS

Business is fundraising for ALS research in honor of friend, Pete Frates.


A Woburn business is on a mission to help cure ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

, a Nike-affiliated training facility on Olympia Avenue, and its trainers and clients are raising awareness for ALS, commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease, with an online video campaign.

A group of trainers and AE Crossfit athletes joined forces last week to create a "flash mob" to "raise money and awareness." The flash mob was recorded and is on YouTube. For every video "hit" or viewing, the company will donate more money to ALS research.

"We tend to take for granted even the smallest movements we are lucky enough to make," said AE President, Erik Kalyonides.  "We wanted all of our athletes to come together and celebrate how lucky they really are, while doing something to give back and honor someone who was once in their shoes."

Kalyonides said that the flash mob was done in honor of friend Pete Frates, a former Boston College Division I baseball player and all-star. Frates has been diagnosed with ALS and at 27-years-old is unable to throw a baseball thanks to the disease that deteriorates the body.

In an attempt to get the video to go viral and raise awareness, Kalyonides sent an email to all of his AE trainers and members to "participate in what he called the 'AE Flash Mob for ALS.'"

"Over 100 able-bodied athletes showed up ready to dance.  And dance they did," said Kimberley Ring, a spokeswoman for Athletic Evolution.

"The AE Flash Mob video is the first of many and kicks off their fundraising efforts for ALS," she added. "During the months of September through January, Athletic Evolution will donate $100 for every new member they receive to fund ALS research in Pete Frates' name." 

Ring said the company "hopes their efforts will give ALS patients, such as a Pete, one more day."


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