WMHS students campaign for class offices

As the 2012 Presidential election approaches in the next few weeks, it’s not only Barack Obama and Mitt Romney fighting for votes, but also the students of Woburn Memorial High School.

by James Poulakidas

As the 2012 Presidential election approaches in the next few weeks, it’s not only Barack Obama and Mitt Romney fighting for votes, but also the students of Woburn Memorial High School. Over the last few weeks, students running for class office have campaigned and worked hard to gain the votes of their classmates. Candidates have covered the walls of the high school with their campaign posters. They have written and recited speeches advocating why they should be elected into class office. With all of this hard work, the class office hopefuls created a competitive atmosphere throughout the school.

Class office elections were held for all grades. Positions in class office include treasurer, class representative, secretary, vice president, and of course, president. For seniors only, a school committee representative is selected to represent the whole school. The class officers that are elected work together with the student activities committee to plan various events throughout the school year. These events include fundraisers, school spirit week, and school dances. They work hard all year round to ensure that the school year is a fun, exciting, and memorable one. However, the senior class officers are given the task of planning class reunions for their class after graduation. Therefore strong leaders are essential to have an unforgettable school year and a great class. Senior Michael Paladino agrees.

“Well, I would say it is crucial to have strong officials that work well with others in order to get things done,” said Paladino. Being elected into office isn’t easy. Just as real life politicians do, students running for class office have to overcome a few obstacles before they give their acceptance speech.

The election process is simple, and similar to actual Presidential elections. Anyone can run for class office. First, they must register with their class advisor. There they will be given a nomination sheet on which they must get twenty five people
to sign their names in agreement that the person running would be a good fit
for class office. Once they receive twenty-five signatures, they officially become a candidate for the position that they wish to run for. Then, the campaigning begins. Students make posters and create slogans to advertise themselves around the school. They do everything they can (within school rules) to acquire as many votes as possible. The candidates then write a speech that they will recite to their whole grade. The speeches focus on each candidate’s qualifications and why they should be elected into office. After hearing the speeches, it is time to vote!

Voting at Woburn High is very similar to how adults vote for government officials. Students must register to vote, simulating the actual process in which adults vote. Students only vote for positions in their own grade. If there are more than two
candidates for one position, then primaries are held. The two candidates who
receive the most votes in the preliminary round move on to the official elections. Every registered student is called down to the cafeteria where they will vote for one person for each position. Every vote counts and students enjoy the process. Senior Christina O’Brien loves class elections.

“I find class elections very interesting because you get to witness your peers stepping up to take on all of the responsibilities that the class officers have,” said O’Brien.

The whole process is an enjoyable time for students, but also very educational. Students get an inside look at how elections work. They get to see first-hand how important electing the right people is and how to go about picking the right people. They also learn the process in which people become elected into office. It gives students a good understanding of the world of politics. Overall, the class election system is very fun and educational. However, Senior Stephanie Ho has some suggestions for the future classes of Woburn High School.

“I think that the system they have right now works really well. The mock registration and primaries are just like real life election, but it would be really cool if they added a debate in the future,” said Ho.

The candidates have campaigned. The votes have been cast and the class office positions have been filled. The 2012-2013 Woburn Memorial High School class elections were a success and The Bull’s Eye will fill you in on all of the exciting results soon.

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