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Dr. Gerry Dembrowski grew up in and attended public schools in Woburn, MA. He picked up his first pair of skates at age 7, and joined his first ice hockey team at age 11. Gerry played extensive New England junior league hockey in his community during his teenage years including the Tyngsboro Huskies. He was a member of the Varsity hockey team at Woburn High his senior year. After High School Gerry played in the Canadian junior leagues in Ontario, Canada. He continued his hockey career as a member of the semipro Illinois Decatur Blues and Ohio Troy Sabres. After his experience on the ice, Gerry focused on his education, earning a Bachelor of Science in Biological and Chemical Sciences from Salem State College (now Salem State University) in 1992. His desire to help people and make a difference in their daily lives pushed him to become a chiropractic physician, and in 1996 he earned a doctorate in chiropractic medicine from Palmer College in San Jose CA. After graduating, Gerry opened a chiropractic & kinesiology practice in his hometown in 1996, and expanded to include satellite locations in Watertown and Concord. In 2006 he opened an office in Fairfield, CA and ran bicoastal chiropractic practices until his wife Margerie became very ill. After 8 years of marriage and a long battle with Breast Cancer, Margerie Dembrowski passed away in February of 2010. Margerie remains a source of motivation and inspiration for Gerry in his campaign. Gerry believes his experience as a small business owner is critical to understanding the impact legislation will have on the life blood of our economy- small and medium sized businesses. He is a strong, fiscal conservative and believes that the free market, including businesses and individuals, will fuel our economic recovery– and that government's job is to facilitate and foster a business friendly environment, not to hinder prosperity with burdensome taxes and regulations. After a 2010 campaign against Edward Markey for the seventh congressional district House of Representatives seat, Gerry returns to the campaign trail with a focus closer to home in 2012. Dr. Gerry's experience as a primary care provider has kept him in touch with the people of his district, and he is committed to fighting for their needs and best interests on Beacon Hill.
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